What services you offer
Ans - We offer referral service to all our associate partners in Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Review and Investment Strategy, Retirement Planning through Goal-driven Investing, Risk Management & Insurance Planning, Property Purchase & Financing, 2nd Passport, Mortgage Loans, Immigration & Migration and Guaranteed Savings.
Do you have guaranteed return products
Ans - While we use sophisticated mathematical/statistical tools to allocate your investments among the various asset classes and model the growth in your investment portfolio, it is important to keep in mind the inherent variability in market returns in most asset classes. Thus, yes we do have guaranteed returns on both regular savings and lumpsum investments.
How do I apply for a second citizenship
Ans - The process of applying for a second citizenship or passport is normally done through an Authorized Government Agency such as Citizenship Invest. An assigned Citizenship Consultant shall explain to you the application process in detail which could vary from program to program.
How much does citizenship by investment cost
Ans - The application costs of a citizenship by investment program depends on the program you choose and the number of family members that are applying with you. The cost will also depend on whether you choose to obtain citizenship through the Government Fund option or the Real Estate Investment option.

Currently the most cost-effective citizenship for single applicants starts at USD 100,000 and USD 150,000 for a family of four members (financial contribution towards a Government Fund).
How can citizenship invest help me
Ans - Citizenship Invest is a market leader specialized in the fastest citizenship programs to legally obtain a second passport in a matter of months. The company holds the strongest credentials within the Citizenship by Investment industry and it is officially authorized and licensed by the different Governments for citizenship processing.

During its journey Citizenship Invest has successfully processed a second nationality and passports for thousands of clients from over 45 different countries across Middle East, Europe and Asia. We use our strong track record with the Governments and our historical experience to ensure the highest success rates for our clients. Contact us for a free consultation.
Why do banks require a security cheque when getting a mortgage
Ans - Security cheques are required by banks in the UAE as they are used in instances where the borrower fails to meet the repayments for the mortgage. Should this happen, the bank will present the cheque and when it bounces they will then be able to initiate a legal case to take possession of the property to repay the outstanding debt.

This is not very different to other countries where the bank will have it written into their contract that they can repossess the property where the client defaults on the mortgage.
Can my bonus be taken into account for my mortgage
Ans - Bonus income can be taken into account when applying for a mortgage. If it is a guaranteed bonus which is written into your contract or salary certificate then it is more likely to be accepted, but discretionary bonus can also be considered too.
Is my information kept confidential
Ans - Yes, completely! We are deeply committed to the confidentiality of your data. We have built in comprehensive processes to ensure that only Magnus has access to your data.